Child Collection Policy

1. Purpose of Policy

1.1. Written as part of the School’s duty of care to its students, this policy is designed to protect our students by ensuring that registers are accurately maintained and that students are safely collected by a parent or guardian.

2. Coverage

2.1 This policy applies to all lessons held by the School at any venue.

2.2. This policy does not apply to Festivals or Shows.

3. Application

3.1 Accurate attendance registers must be kept by the Teacher and these must be marked at the beginning of class.

3.2 Students up to Grade 2 are to be collected at the exit of class by a parent or guardian. Any uncollected students should wait in class.

3.3 Students above Grade 2 should remain in the building until a parent or guardian collects them. 3.4 Students may move between classes in the same building and use the designated Waiting Areas.

4. Staff Requirements & Responsibilities

4.1 All staff must ensure that students up to Grade 2 are safely collected.

4.2 Staff should notify the Principal if they note a parent or student repeatedly failing to meet the requirements of this policy.

4.3 Staff are responsible for maintaining an accurate roll. This requirement applies to all students in all classes.

4.4 All staff are responsible for ensuring that this policy is complied with by parents and students

4.5 The School should contact any families whose children are repeatedly not collected on time or who are observed to be waiting outside the building.

5. Parents Requirements & Responsibilities

5.1 Are responsible for ensuring that someone is present at the end of class to collect their child.

5.2 Are responsible for advising the School if they will be late to collect their child, or if someone unexpected will collect them.

6 Students Requirements & Responsibilities

6.1 All students should be encouraged to speak out if they are collected by someone unexpected.