Our Uniform

MBA tracksuits are custom made and are available to purchase directly from Designs Alike

For your child's classes they will need the following items:


Girls - All Grades

  • Ballet Tights

  • MBA Custom-made Hair Ribbon (to be purchased from MBA)

  • MBA Burgundy Ballet Belt (to be purchased from MBA)

  • Hair must be in a slick bun for ballet - click for instructions

Boys - All Grades

Nursery - Grade 1

Grade 2 - Grade 4/5

Grade 5 - Grade 8

Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2

Grade 1 - Grade 8



  • Ballet Leotards are to be worn with black dance shorts, black footless dance tights or MBA custom made leggings.

  • MBA crop tops and leggings/shorts may be worn for Jazz, Body Conditioning and ACRO

  • MBA tracksuits may be worn for Musical Theatre


Tap Shoes


Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Body Conditioning and ACRO