Returning to the Studio - Guidelines

MBA looks forward to welcoming students back to the studio in September. Please read the following information carefully and ensure that you and your children are familiar with all COVID-19 related policies.

We have implemented the following procedures, especially for drop-off and pick-up, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the new system.

1. Drop off at Jubilee High School
Parents are asked not to enter either building (gym or studio). The designated entry point for the gym are the fire doors adjacent to the car park (which will remain accessible). The entry point for the mirrored studio (A3) are the fire doors located at the back of the main building, off of the theatre. Signage and directions will be displayed for both entry points. Please note, separate doors will be designated for exit to allow for a one-way system and will be clearly marked, for your use. 

Please maintain social distancing of 1-2m outside of our working spaces - if other parents are dropping off, please allow space before bringing your child to the door.

2.Student Check-In
-Pupils must sanitise hands using provided hand sanitiser upon arrival.
-Facemasks are required to be worn when entering/exiting either of the buildings.
-Minimal personal belongings may be brought into class - pupils should leave as much as possible with parents/guardians and come dressed and ready with only required dance shoes and a labelled water bottle. An area will be designated for outdoor shoes and coats to be left as directed by the teacher.

To allow time for a smooth running of the Check-In process, we ask that students arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class (following socially distanced guidelines to enter the building). If everyone arrives at class start time, there will not be time to adhere to these procedures and subsequently, classes will be delayed.

3. Pick-Up at Jubilee High School
Once again, parents/guardians are asked not to enter either building, but to collect pupils at the relevant designated exit point. Parents/guardians of more senior students are asked to remain in their cars, where possible, to minimise contact.

4. Using the toilet facilities

We request that, wherever possible, pupils use the toilet at home before coming to class. However, when pupils need to use the toilet facilities on site, social distancing must be observed and pupils must wash hands thoroughly afterwards and re-sanitise hands before re-entering the studio.

5. Cleaning Procedures
MBA staff will sanitise high contact surfaces between classes. A deep clean of the studios and toilet facilities will also be carried out before classes commence each day and at the end of classes every evening.

6. Class Capacity
Both the studio and gym have different class capacities based on risk assessments carried out by MBA and Jubilee High School. This is reflected in our amended timetable in alignment with social distancing guidelines.

7. Payments and Correspondence
We request that all communication between parents and teachers is carried out electronically via email. Payments should be made by BACS transfer wherever possible. Should you have another agreement in place or must pay by cash or cheque, this can be discussed with the principal at

8. Pupil Wellness
Any pupils displaying symptoms of a cough, cold or fever should NOT attend class. Please contact Miss Megan via to notify the school of the absence.